4m Transverter

A band I’m interested in is 4m which in the UK we are allowed 70MHz to 70.5MHz.  I’m mainly interested in the MS and ‘E’ capability of this band but very few commercial SSB radios have 4m built in so the easiest way is to transvert, usually from 28MHz with a 42MHz oscillator to get

BXF USB Data Interface

This project has been an idea of mine for a while and it took me a little while to get the oomph to start on it. Start I did, slowly at first then once in the swing of it I finished it in a few days. The project outline was to replace my current homebrew

PC Trouble

So about a week ago I tweeted that my PC had crashed and on boot-up I got error messages saying there were missing DLL and SYS files for the programs which were running when the crash happened.  All week the PC had sputtered which was uncharacteristic of it being quite a decent machine.  I decided

For Those Moments When One Switch Won’t Do

So I’ve been after a few RF switches to allow me to switch various radios to various antennas. In this instance I wanted to switch antennas to my IC-910 radio (the 2m and 70cm side only), my funcube dongle and 2m transverter (connected to my Flex-1500).  The antennas were my 2m 9 element YU7EF, the