Using Power Point for Project Decaling

So I build loads of project which in the end require labelling, but how to do it so it seems professional?  In the past I used to just make lines of text which was more or less the project name and my callsign, printed it and stuck it to the box, not very professional! Well

Shack Panorama

So after sending a quick picture to Twitter showing my clean shack I got quite a few replies.  I thought therefore it would be good to show the shack in its entirety. I first Googled to see if Picasa could do it and got a result back for Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor (could this be

6m DX Window

So I can’t get it out of my head all the grief I got after operating within the top 3 KHz of the DX window on the 6m band…  The conditions were such that there was a chance of some North African stations being on the band so I thought I’d position myself at the

DX’Peditions and shack improvements!

It has been a busy month.  First I was on holiday for 2 weeks, one week at my parents in Scotland and the 2nd I was on the Isle of Arran for the Camb-Hams 2011 DX’Pedition.  The DX’Pedition was sponsorship by Kenwood UK, Icom UK and Linear Amp UK.  The latter provided us with an