Small Wonder Labs PSK-20 Mod to 20m WSPR

I bought a Small Wonder Labs PSK-20 kit a few years ago when I was dabbling with HF data modes.  The PSK-20 is, from the PSK-20 manual “[a] transceiver on a single PC-board design measuring 4.6″ x 5.27″ (12 x 13.4 cm). It is functionally a crystal-controlled SSB transceiver with slightly wider than normal IF

Masthead + PA + Radio Sequencer

My 2m station includes a masthead preamp, a 2 x 4cx250 linear and the IC-910. In order not to blow up the preamp I needed to get a sequencer, me being me I decided to design and build one, total cost with the box was around £10. This is a very simple design and uses

40m 1/4 Vertical [Epic] Antenna

So the antenna farm at M1BXF QTH just got larger with the addition of a 40m 1/4 vertical.  I’d been thinking about this antenna for while as verticals are good for DX, more in this in a moment, and require little space to erect, but does need space for radials. The antenna is based on