PICAXE-18M & MXD2125 Based Elevation Module

One of the aspects of amateur radio I enjoy is EME.  When I was active on 2m (144MHz) EME I built my own elevation system using a jack-arm but I then needed a way to feedback the angle.  I tried many ways in the past such as potentiometers then Sam G4DDK introduced me to the

LVB [Tracker] Extender

I started using an LVB Tracker by G6LVB (also of FunCube Dongle fame) to control my Yeasu G400RC and KR-5400 rotators which have my directional antennas on them – The G400RC + homebrew jack-arm elevation was mainly for EME and the KR5400 was for satellite work.  I had to built an elevation feedback circuit, I

SCAM12 Installation

So I was convinced for my new mast I would use a SCAM12 after seeing G4ERO’s installation (picture on his QRZ page).  I had done some antenna work round at Colins QTH and seeing how simple it was to erect (BINGO!) and take down.  The mast is approx 3m when down (with antennas on) and