The Human Beam

So I was the driven [element] in this bit of fun; We done this before setting up for a 70cm RSGB UKAC from our usual site at Worts Causeway. Radio was a Yaesu FT-817 using internal batteries at 2.5w.

Fixing 2m Tonna Dipole with Polymorph

What is Polymorph? Polymorph’s full name is Polycaprolactone which is basically a mouldable plastic when heated, normally in warm water. The problem I had, which seems to be a common one, is the threads for the thumb-screw which holds the driven element to the boom on the 2m 17 element Tonna used by G3PYE/P had

North Ronaldsay EU-009 Holiday

So my girlfriend wanted the chance to see the Aurora (northern lights) and as it is her birthday on New Year’s eve we decided we should get away for New Year.  After a few searches, and shocks at the prices of going to places like Norway, Iceland or somewhere similarly that far north, we found