144MHz Harris Amplifier

Modification of the Harris Amplifier is not the reason for this article, there are many documents on the web covering this [Site 1, Site 2 part1 & Site 2 part 2], I followed Mark GM4ISM’s as Mark was the source of my Harris amplifier bits. I actually purchased a Harris amplifier ‘pallet’ from Mark, this

Ascension Island (ZD8UW): 2013

From Monday 2nd – Friday 6th December 2013, G3VFC, G3ZAY, M0BLF, M0VFC and M1BXF will be operating as ZD8UW from Green Mountain, Ascension Island. We’ll be active on 40m-10m, mainly SSB and CW. (Being equatorial, there’s little point in taking the extra weight for 80m, I’m afraid.) There may also be some WSPR operation overnight.