BX-184 Voice Keyer

The BX-184 is a voice keyer developed by Olli DH8BQA designed to fit into the case of a Yaesu MH-31 microphone.  I used the BX-184 at the G3PYE contest station before upgrading to an FA-SM Station Manager. BX-184 Features Even though the BX-184 is designed to fit into a Yaesu mic case it’s not limited

DTMF Keypad (and more) Explanation

Wow, I just realised I created this project back in May 2008… I think the principal and technique used for the keypad is worth explaining however so I’m publishing it now. When my local repeater GB3PY started providing Echolink access my shack radio was an Icom IC-910 which does not support DTMF to control Echolink.

Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC Auto Power on Mod

In my car I use an Icom IC-2820 which is a dual band (dual receive) mobile radio, but only ever monitor one side at a time (the other side has the volume down) and in the previous car I used that side for APRS.  Until recently I was not able to find a way to

Icom IC-2820 DC from Packet Port

In the car I use an Icom IC-2820 as my VHF/UHF radio.  This has a packet port on it and previously I used to use an APRS tracker on it which would be switched on and off with the car ignition via a voltage sense relay.  Since getting a new car I have been unable

Icom IC-756pro3 IF Tap

The Icom IC-756pro3 has 2 options for tapping the IF, one is at 64.455MHz and the other is at 13.345MHz taken from the bands scope circuit.  This article covers tapping the IF at 64.455MHz which I found more useful for using with an original FunCube dongle and an RTLSDR dongle, both of which work from

Reflection on 2014

In reflection (which is a good thing to do) and in regards to my ham radio activities, my attitude is changing. I find myself questioning my skills and abilities and on DX’Peditions I get the feeling I irritate people more. This cumulates in me not finding the same satisfaction in hobby like I used to.