23cm 80w Amplifier

For a while I operated on 23cm with just my IC-910 with it’s UX-910 module, this was only 10w.  Rather luckily  John G4BAO lives local and had designed and published a nice 45w LDMOS 23cm amplifier.  It was quite easy to go put a pair together using a pair of W6PQL hybrid combiners.


To start with I had the pair on a flat 19” rack which was rather exposed and didn’t have all parts integrated such as the PSU.  I had planned to box everything up but it wasn’t till I purchased a suitable box I got the chance to do it.  Here are a load of photos showing the final amp with the 2x G4BAO amps, the input and output hybrid combiners and the 24v 10A PSU.  The output is shown on the meter and peaks at about 80w.

The amplifiers:


The Hybrid Combiners:




The Build:


In the Shack:


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