Satellite Polarization Switcher

As many operators of satellites will know, it’s common for a satellite to fade out during a pass, even when the satellite is well above the horizon. There are a few factors behind this, of which I’ll not go into here, but the reason behind the fading is the polarization of the satellites downlink is

Playing Radio in GM over Easter 2015

For Easter 2015 Bex and me decided to visit my parents in Dumbarton.  While there I took the time to catch up with Stevie MM6ZFG a couple of times to play radio. Kilcreggan – IO75OX – 3rd April 2015 The first location we operated at was at Kilcreggan where Stevie knows the son of a

Ecoflex-15 Degradation

The Problem As a member of the G3PYE contest minions, I bought two 25m runs of Ecoflex-15 back in 2011. A year later we started to notice less power at the antenna end of the runs, we initially put this down to a poor cable batch or damage from use/storage and after some basic analysis


My mod was based on this article here I had no success using diodes myself so instead I used an LD1117A 1.2v regulator, which I think is a better solution too. This is the RTL-SDR (R802T) after fitting the LD1117D during tests, note I just turned the inductor round and reused it to feed

Homebrew Solder Dispenser

To save a bit of desk space and to save me getting annoyed at solder getting tangled in my projects I decided to make a couple of solder holders / dispensers.

BX-184 Voice Keyer

The BX-184 is a voice keyer developed by Olli DH8BQA designed to fit into the case of a Yaesu MH-31 microphone.  I used the BX-184 at the G3PYE contest station before upgrading to an FA-SM Station Manager. BX-184 Features Even though the BX-184 is designed to fit into a Yaesu mic case it’s not limited

Icom IC-2820 DC from Packet Port

In the car I use an Icom IC-2820 as my VHF/UHF radio.  This has a packet port on it and previously I used to use an APRS tracker on it which would be switched on and off with the car ignition via a voltage sense relay.  Since getting a new car I have been unable

Reflection on 2014

In reflection (which is a good thing to do) and in regards to my ham radio activities, my attitude is changing. I find myself questioning my skills and abilities and on DX’Peditions I get the feeling I irritate people more. This cumulates in me not finding the same satisfaction in hobby like I used to.

Hy-Gain HAM-IV Rotator Upgrade

I seem to find myself updating each and every rotator I own to have a digital readout plus a few other cool features, my latest one is converting my Hy-Gain (CDE) HAM-IV. The original HAM-IV is analogue meter based, and rather annoyingly for me in the northern hemisphere the display is configured for South Stop,