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Something I’ve always enjoyed doing is giving talks & presentations to radio clubs. I do so with the hope that someone watching might learn something new, or even better be inspired by my mumblings to go try something new which I’ve just been talking about.

I’ve been lucky that two talks I gave to the Cambridge And District Amateur Radio Club (CDARC were recorded, one was recorded via Zoom, and the other was recorded by Dom M0BLF, for whom I’m very grateful for his time and effort.

Getting the Best Out of FT-8 on VHF

The first talk is titled “Getting the Best Out of FT-8 on VHF” was given on April 24th 2020 via Zoom, and was recorded by the Zoom app. The talk covers;

  • How to use the various software applications like WSJT-X, including some of the lesser known features.
  • FT-8 QSO procedures.
  • Why FT-8 is so popular on VHF.
  • Has real auditory examples demonstrating how much weaker an FT-8 signal can be to complete a QSO vs a CW or SSB signal.

The talk can be viewed on YouTube here;

Improve your QSO Count on VHF and Above

My second talk is called “Improve your QSO Count on VHF and Above”, and was again given to CDARC, this time in person, before COVID, on June 14th 2019.

Dom M0BLF recorded this talk and has done some great editing of the video to include slides of the presentation in full rather than just showing on a screen behind me while presenting. This talk covers a wide range of topics like how to get the best out of ON4KST, utilizing Aircraft Scatter and predicting when an aircraft will be in the right location. How to use other contesters to increase your likelihood of being heard.

The talk itself was cultivated out of a more contest specific talk I used to give to radio clubs down south, before I realized a less contest specific talk, which included more generic points covering operating via SpE openings, aircraft scatter etc, was of interest to more of the audience, and hope this will be the same of the YouTube viewers too.

The talk can be found on YouTube here;

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