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The FA-SDR is a 1 watt SDR transceiver covering 160m to 10m (no gaps). It’s an ideal starter SDR radio for anyone who is not only wanting to play with an SDR transceiver on-air, but someone who is also interested in understanding how an SDR is configured to work in terms of control software under the likes of Windows or Linux (Raspberry Pi say). As the USB controlled synthesizer in this kit uses the very popular Si570, it is supported by PE0FKO’s CFGCR (ConFiG SoftRock tool), and therefore by most SDR software packages available, such as HDSDR & PowerSDR-IQ, to name only 2 or of dozens…

I bought the FA-SDR as a kit from the DARC stand at the 2014 Friedricshafen radio rally.  It’s fully built and working and it’s producing 1 watt output on all bands from 160m to 10m, that means it is fully loaded and supplied with all the required modules/extras, which includes;

  • BX-026 – FA-SY1 – FA USB controlled synthesizer.
  • BX-201 – Kit housing
  • BX-202 – 1W linear amplifier module.

I purchased it with the plan to use it as an IF driver, 28MHz, for VHF transverters, I’ve since purchased other radios meaning I no longer plan to use transverters in the same way as I had planned when I purchased it. It’s still a decent SDR for such a purpose for whoever purchases it.

The FA-SDR was originally design by DL2EWN and the project was first published in the October and November 2009 FA (Funk Amateur) magazines. For more technical details see these links;

These are specifications that were published in ‘Funkamateur’ 10/2009):

  • Frequency range: 1.7 to 30 MHz
    • Additional ranges: 6m and 2m, where appropriate RF pre-selection and amplification is added by the user.
  • MDS 80m: -123 dBm (@ 500 Hz BW)
  • MDS 10m: -127 dBm (@ 500 Hz BW)
  • IP3:> +15 dBm
  • IMDR3:> 90dB

Pout (with optional plug-in amp): <= 1 watt

  • TX IMD (3) at 1 watt: -35 DBC
  • TX IMD (3) at 10 mW: -50 dBC

Undesirable emissions at 1 watt CW output:

  • image: -60 dBC
  • carrier: -65 dBC
  • other spurious: -50 dBC

Sideband suppression:

  • w / o software optimisation: – 35 db
  • with software optimisation: – 70 db

The transceiver consists out of the 7 major components:

  1. ATT – Attenuator
  2. BPF – Band Pass Filter / Preselector
  3. BUFFER AMP – Buffer Amplifier (actually its part of the preselector)
  4. GEN – Signal Generator
  5. MIXER Rx – Quadrature Sampling Detector (QSD)
  6. Mixer Tx – Quadrature Sampling Exciter (QSE)
  7. AMP – an optional 1Watt amplifier

The FA-SDR-TRX provides the following interfaces:

  • RF Input – Antenna Signal
  • Audio RX – Receiving stereo IQ signal – to be connected to LineIn on the Soundcard
  • Audio TX – Transmission stereo IQ signal – to connected to LineOut on the Soundcard
  • USB – Tuning the Frequency, CW Signal and PTT
  • CW – External CW Key


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