LVB Tracker with LCD

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Product Description

The LVB Tracker is an advanced Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface for Yaesu (Or similar) Rotor Controllers supporting GS232 and Extended GS232 commands, making it a suitable interface to use with NOVA, SatPC32, HRDSatTrack and many more.

The LVB Tracker has Bi-Directional data flow, from PC to LVB Tracker & LVB Tracker to PC. A Max232 level converter is used to obtain full RS232 compatibility.

This LVB Tracker comes with an LCD showing the current AZ and EL position plus the position to goto based on PC commands.

The LVB Tracker can be calibrated to any rotator and elevation system, including homebrew system as it support North or South stop, 360/450 degree azimuth rotation and 90 or 180 degree elevation. As long as the position feedback is within 0-5v it will work. Power is from a 12v source.

I had used this LVB Tracker in this;

There is no box or buttons supplied.

Information and documents can be downloaded here;


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