Tokyo Hy Power – Sagra 600 – 144MHz 600w Amplifier

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Product Description

I’m reluctantly selling y 600w 2m amplifier after having owned it for 7 years. I recently built a solid state SSPA amplifier which I now use exclusively after finding it much more convenient.

This amp was used on many of the Camb-Hams DX’peditions and when used it’s mainly been for Meteor Scatter which drives it at 50% duty cycle (30 seconds on, 30 off).

I fitted new valves on 15th December 2011 after I thought the originals were no longer working, I then found I’d wired the input/output the wrong way round.  I have a number of spare 4CX250B valves I’ll supply with the amplifier.

It has taken me a long tie to selling this as I found this amp very good, solid and reliable. Other agree;

This item is heavy and is collection only

  • Input 30w (25w nominal)
  • Output 600W max.
  • DC 2KV(DC2.4KV with no RF excitation.
  • 500mA max.
  • 2x EIMAC 4CX250B
  • LED x 2
  • Class AB 1,
  • Grounded cathode (with grid tuned circuit)
  • AC220V(50/60Hz)
  • Multi function meter = IG 3mA
  • PO lKW
  • EP 3KV
  • N types on input and output
  • 405(W) x 200(H) x 390(D) mm
  • 30Kg (heavy)

The User Manual is available here;

This is an item I’m happy to see what swap might be available, please contact me to discuss…

Additional Information

Weight 30000 g
Dimensions 390 x 405 x 200 cm


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