Welcome to my shop.  I’m going to use this shop as a means to part with things I have no need for anymore, many items were bought for a project I never started, or completed, and they have been lying around for too long so I’ve decided to see if someone else could find them of interest.  Items here are usually something which I think may need longer than a 7 day auction to sell, although items I think which will sell quickly will not likely end up on here, but in a 7 day auction!

Some of the items for sale are unfinished projects which normally have a value due to the parts contained within them.  I’ll indicate where documentation exists within the product page and either link to it or provide it on request.

A few points to note,

  • I’m always interested in WHY (What Have You, i.e. a swap) so if you see something here of interest and think you might have something to swap for it, then get in touch, the worst I’ll say is no thanks.
  • I only accept PayPal for payments. I’d prefer not to use other methods, but cash on collection is acceptable for larger and more expensive items
  • Shipping is as fast as I get to the Post Office, give me 2 days to ship something.

Items for sale

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