70MHz Transverter Mk5 – Nacton

I’m a sucker for continually re-building, I’ll have you believe *improving*, my 4m transverter, the first I built in 2010.  The Nacton variant is the Mk5 iteration in as many years!  The transverter is essentially the same, 28MHz IF and > 50w output (300w peak in later versions) on 70MHz and all in the same

Hy-Gain HAM-IV Rotator Upgrade

I seem to find myself updating each and every rotator I own to have a digital readout plus a few other cool features, my latest one is converting my Hy-Gain (CDE) HAM-IV. The original HAM-IV is analogue meter based, and rather annoyingly for me in the northern hemisphere the display is configured for South Stop,

BXF Azimuth Rotator Controller

  I decided to build a new rotator controller to replace my Yaesu G400RC controller (but my design was made to work with virtually any rotator) to give me additional futures beyond the sole analogue position feedback of the G-400RC. I wanted the new design to be digital, have integrated PC control, hands off operation

4m Transverter

A band I’m interested in is 4m which in the UK we are allowed 70MHz to 70.5MHz.  I’m mainly interested in the MS and ‘E’ capability of this band but very few commercial SSB radios have 4m built in so the easiest way is to transvert, usually from 28MHz with a 42MHz oscillator to get

PICAXE-20X2 HMC6352 Electronic Compass

A project which displays in large numbers the heading from a HMC6352 magnetic compass on a 4×20 LCD display and also outputs the direction in GS-232 format. When operating in the CRG communication van Flossie we need to manual calibrate the 20m rotating mast which is done with a plastic collar with an arrow and