LVB [Tracker] Extender

I started using an LVB Tracker by G6LVB (also of FunCube Dongle fame) to control my Yeasu G400RC and KR-5400 rotators which have my directional antennas on them – The G400RC + homebrew jack-arm elevation was mainly for EME and the KR5400 was for satellite work.  I had to built an elevation feedback circuit, I

PICAXE-28X1 BXF Shack Controller (SO3R / SOMR)

This project is for a PIC based audio and PTT controller which has a single headset and foot-switch which can connect to 3 different ham radios at once for a single operator to simultaneously receive or transmit on any combination of the radios. I’ve been working on this project for a while.  I like to