Eltek SMPS 1800SI Connection Mod

The Eltek SMPS 1800 SI 48v switch mode power supply is capable of supplying 37.5A (1800w) so is great for powering 48v amplifiers. The only issue, which is common to most rack mounted SMPSs is they have proprietary connectors on the rear meaning a datasheet or manual is required to know which pin does which.

Woodbox Radio TMate 1.0 Windows 10 Driver

I bought the TMate v1.0 “VFO Tuning Knob” a few years back at Friedrichshafen for use with my Flex-1500 as the TMate was much cheaper than Flex’s own “FlexControl”. When I bought it I was probably still using Windows XP, but I certainly used it with Windows 7 without an issue, but on Windows 10

Getting started in Meteor Scatter (MS)

I’d like to share with you all my passion for working stations on VHF (6m, 4m and 2m) using Meteor Scatter (MS) as the propagation mode.  I wrote this during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower in 2015 as it’s much more likely that a newcomer, even with a modest VHF station, inspired by the article

Playing Radio in GM over Easter 2015

For Easter 2015 Bex and me decided to visit my parents in Dumbarton.  While there I took the time to catch up with Stevie MM6ZFG a couple of times to play radio. Kilcreggan – IO75OX – 3rd April 2015 The first location we operated at was at Kilcreggan where Stevie knows the son of a

Ecoflex-15 Degradation

The Problem As a member of the G3PYE contest minions, I bought two 25m runs of Ecoflex-15 back in 2011. A year later we started to notice less power at the antenna end of the runs, we initially put this down to a poor cable batch or damage from use/storage and after some basic analysis


My mod was based on this article here http://www.rtl-sdr.com/improving-hf-reception-disconnecting-switching-power-supply-rtl-sdr/ I had no success using diodes myself so instead I used an LD1117A 1.2v regulator, which I think is a better solution too. This is the RTL-SDR (R802T) after fitting the LD1117D during tests, note I just turned the inductor round and reused it to feed

Yaesu FT-817 IF Tap for SDR

As with my other radios (IC-756pro3 IF Tap page, IC-910H IF Tap page & IC-706mk2G IF Tap page) I wanted to tap the IF (Intermediate Frequency 68.33MHz) out of my Yaesu FT-817 to allow monitoring on an SDR radio and associated software,  I mainly use my FT-817 as a piece of test equipment and having

Icom IC-706Mk2G IF Tap

As with my other radios (IC-756pro3, IC-910H & FT-817) I wanted to tap the IF (Intermediate Frequency) out of my Icom IC-706Mk2G to allow monitoring on an SDR radio and associated software. The IC-706Mk2G has two IF frequencies, I tapped the 1st IF at 69.0115MHz (the 2nd IF is around 9.0115MHz) and used a PAT

Homebrew Solder Dispenser

To save a bit of desk space and to save me getting annoyed at solder getting tangled in my projects I decided to make a couple of solder holders / dispensers.