Woodbox Radio TMate 1.0 Windows 10 Driver

I bought the TMate v1.0 “VFO Tuning Knob” a few years back at Friedrichshafen for use with my Flex-1500 as the TMate was much cheaper than Flex’s own “FlexControl”.


When I bought it I was probably still using Windows XP, but I certainly used it with Windows 7 without an issue, but on Windows 10 it wouldn’t work due to no driver being available.

A little digging and I found that in Windows 10 Hardware ID for the TMate now ends with “&REV_0002”.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 22.49.58

The driver file “winusbtmate.inf” supplied by Woodbox Radio doesn’t list any “&REV_0002” Hardware IDs, “winusbtmate.inf” only lists “USB\VID_1721&PID_0607” as a valid Hardware ID, not “USB\VID_1721&PID_0607&REV_0002” so Windows doesn’t think the supplied “winusbtmate.inf” is the right driver.

So a bit of hacking editing was needed to update “winusbtmate.inf” to include the Hardware ID “USB\VID_1721&PID_0607&REV_0002” allowing Windows 10 to match the Woodbox Radio TMate v1.0 with the driver files listed in “winusbtmate.inf”.


The edited driver files can be downloaded from my website. Unzip to a local (on the PC) directory like the desktop.

However this is only half the battle. You also need to disable Windows 10 driver signing, but this is a simple process. To do this follow these simple steps, take from this website.

a. Press the Win + C and click on PC settings.

b. Switch over to the “Update & recovery” section.

c. Then click on the Recovery option on the left hand side.

d. Once selected, you will see an advanced start-up section appear on the right hand side. You will need to click on the “Restart now” button.

e. Once your Computer has rebooted you will need to choose the Troubleshoot option.

f. Then head into Advanced options.

g. Then Startup Settings.

h. Since we are modifying boot time configuration settings, you will need to restart your computer one last time.

I. Here you will be given a list of start-up settings that you can change. The one we are looking for is “Disable driver signature enforcement”. To choose the setting, you will need to press the F7 key.

NOTE: After a reboot, Windows 10 will re-enable driver signing, and any drivers installed while driver enforcement was disabled will continue to work.

Once Windows has loaded, install the driver for the Woodbox Radio TMate v1.0 using the driver file you edited, or downloaded from my website.  Windows will ask if you are sure you wish to install them, click on Yes / OK.

Windows 10 should now list the Woodbox Radio TMate device under “Universal Serial Bus controllers”.


I hope this helps someone.

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