Woodbox Radio Tmate Software on Windows 10

The Issue

I got an email from Goran, S55OO, who was after the ‘Tmate software’ to actually use the T-Mate control knob as it was no longer available to download from the web.  I’m quite good at organising and keeping old software and was able to supply Goran a link to download the ‘T-Mate’ and ‘FXPad’ software apps from my server. 

A while later Goran emailed to say he had downloaded the ‘Tmate software’ but it was showing a “Hardware not connected” error,

Goran also made it clear that the USB driver was correctly installed and Windows 10 showed it as working:


I had a look and I was seeing the same, something must have changed with Windows 10 since I had last used the T-Mate software.  On inspection of the T-Mate software folder I see the DLL used to translate the hardware inputs to software commands was called ‘ELAD_Encoder.dll’ and so I thought this must be out of date. After a quick Google search I found this DDL is used in SDRUno, and I know the T-Mate controller works with SDRUno.  So I downloaded SDRUno then copied the “ELAD_Encoder.dll” from the SDRUno folder into the T-Mate folder, and bingo the ‘Tmate software’ started working;

Software Download

To download a zip (22 Mb) containing the ‘Tmate software’, ‘FXPad’ and the ‘T-Mate driver’ click on this link.

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