Woodbox Radio Tmate Software on Windows 10

The Issue

I got an email from Goran, S55OO, who was after the ‘Tmate software’ to actually use the T-Mate control knob as it was no longer available to download from the web.  I’m quite good at organising and keeping old software and was able to supply Goran a link to download the ‘T-Mate’ and ‘FXPad’ software apps from my server. 

A while later Goran emailed to say he had downloaded the ‘Tmate software’ but it was showing a “Hardware not connected” error,

Goran also made it clear that the USB driver was correctly installed and Windows 10 showed it as working:


I had a look and I was seeing the same, something must have changed with Windows 10 since I had last used the T-Mate software.  On inspection of the T-Mate software folder I see the DLL used to translate the hardware inputs to software commands was called ‘ELAD_Encoder.dll’ and so I thought this must be out of date. After a quick Google search I found this DDL is used in SDRUno, and I know the T-Mate controller works with SDRUno.  So I downloaded SDRUno then copied the “ELAD_Encoder.dll” from the SDRUno folder into the T-Mate folder, and bingo the ‘Tmate software’ started working;

Software Download

To download a zip (22 Mb) containing the ‘Tmate software’, ‘FXPad’ and the ‘T-Mate driver’ click on this link.


  1. Peter

    Hi Gavin, after an evening work it is running again, finally. The issue was that one has to combine your above discribed procedure with your earlier solution of disabling Windows 10 driver signing. When one combines these two procedures it will work again.
    Thanks a lot! Peter, PA3HEO

  2. Peter

    I am sorry to inform you that the above described solution does not work at my PC.

    1. m1bxf (Post author)

      Hi Peter, can you let me know what doesn’t actually work to see if we can help you…


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