6m DX Window

So I can’t get it out of my head all the grief I got after operating within the top 3 KHz of the DX window on the 6m band…  The conditions were such that there was a chance of some North African stations being on the band so I thought I’d position myself at the top end, not the middle of the DX band incase, also I should point out in region 1 the band plans are only guidance.  People trying to tell me I can’t work EU stations are just unreal, when questioned about it NONE of them could answer my question of what needs to happen before, in their minds, operating in the DX part of the band is allowed.  Is it when they want to do it?  Do I need to keep an eye on page 5 of the Guardian newspaper? Wait till the current RSGB president announces it on a specific DX cluster?  I mean what a load of crap. 

I then asked those making the comments if they had worked any DX on the band which I was causing interference to.  If I was then what?  QSY out the DX band to give them the frequency?  Rubbish! If DX is being heard then I would also be DX to the other location thus justifying being in the DX portion of the band to begin with! I have 400w and a 5 element on 6m so I would easily be heard before most…

Lots of their argument stem from me working stations in EU so in their mind I should become ignorant and ignore any EU stations calling me, they didn’t even suggest I should call “CQ outside Europe” or similar which makes it even more obvious to me they don’t have a clue and are just moaning to satisfy themselves – they can’t even advise people like me on how to ‘appropriately behave’ in the DX band when complaining and this really annoys me, if you are going to complain about something at least be ready to suggest the reasons behind your complaint and suggest an alternative/solution.

So in summary calling in the DX window might yield the first DX of the day, if there is DX, as advised in page 5 of the Guardian newspaper, then I can safely operate in the DX window but what needs to come first, the CQ or DX?  Also once DX was announced wouldn’t everyone else cram themselves into the 30KHz DX windows of 6m instead of the other 70KHz, and after what time should everyone QSY out of the DX window? 1 hour after the RSGB president goes to bed on the day when there was DX stations on the band? Do we wait to work DX outside the DX window before these people say we can use the DX window? If DX is being worked outside the DX windows then what is the point of the DX window in the first place??? Please someone tell me!!!

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