For Those Moments When One Switch Won’t Do


So I’ve been after a few RF switches to allow me to switch various radios to various antennas. In this instance I wanted to switch antennas to my IC-910 radio (the 2m and 70cm side only), my funcube dongle and 2m transverter (connected to my Flex-1500).  The antennas were my 2m 9 element YU7EF, the 7 element and 70cm 10 element cross yagis.

So in sequence from the bottom right switch, C = common port, R = right port and L = left port (as seen in the photo:

Bottom right = C (9 element yagi) to R (2m tranverter) and L (IC-910 switch). Middle bottom = C (2m 7 element cross yagi) to R (IC-910 2m switch) and L (funcube dongle switch). Left bottom = C (70cm 10 element cross yagi) to R (funcube dongle switch) and L ((IC-910 70cm). Top right = C (2m port of IC-910). Top left = C (funcube dongle)

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