Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
26/06/22 VO2AC FT8-12-0660mCanada MM1BXF
26/06/22 W1DAP FT8-13-1560mUnited States Of America MM1BXF
26/06/22 HI8LAM FT8-12-1660mDominican Republic MM1BXF
26/06/22 DK2LO FT8-04-0160mFederal Republic Of Germany MM1BXF
26/06/22 SP6NIC FT8+08-0660mPoland MM1BXF
26/06/22 DD8JJ FT8+02+0360mFederal Republic Of Germany MM1BXF
26/06/22 LY2FN FT8+04-0460mLithuania MM1BXF
25/06/22 IW2MYH FT8-07-0760mItaly MM1BXF
25/06/22 OE3OOG FT8+03+0260mAustria MM1BXF
25/06/22 GQ1YPG FT8+14+0160mEngland MM1BXF
25/06/22 IZ3BGL FT8-03+0260mItaly MM1BXF
25/06/22 ZP4KFX FT8-06-1660mParaguay MM1BXF
25/06/22 CU2JX FT8-15-0560mAzores MM1BXF
25/06/22 OK1SLM FT8-11+0360mCzech Republic MM1BXF
25/06/22 DK5WL FT8-01+0060mFederal Republic Of Germany MM1BXF
25/06/22 EA3ARO FT8+02-1260mSpain MM1BXF
25/06/22 EA5CRC FT8+03+0160mSpain MM1BXF
25/06/22 GQØJEI FT8+08-0160mEngland MM1BXF
25/06/22 SQ1BVG FT8+11+1160mPoland MM1BXF
25/06/22 GØFVT FT8+02+1460mEngland MM1BXF
25/06/22 IK1MTZ FT8+03+0560mItaly MM1BXF
25/06/22 EA1IOK FT8+08+0560mSpain MM1BXF
17/06/22 OE5OBR FT8-21-2310mAustria MM1BXF
17/06/22 DO2RRM FT8+03-0110mFederal Republic Of Germany MM1BXF
17/06/22 DL7UFR FT8+02-0410mFederal Republic Of Germany MM1BXF