PC Trouble

So about a week ago I tweeted that my PC had crashed and on boot-up I got error messages saying there were missing DLL and SYS files for the programs which were running when the crash happened.  All week the PC had sputtered which was uncharacteristic of it being quite a decent machine.  I decided to run the Maxtor disk check utility which it failed the disk and recommended I replace it, so after a reboot to do more detailed test it failed to boot, missing a ntoskrnl.exe file!  So I left it hanging on that screen for a bit then noticed the PC had switched off, I assumed it was cause it was doing nothing – WRONG!  The PSU was dead now, so that was a duff hard drive and PSU.  Thankfully I had a spare PSU but I had to go out and get a new HD.  Got that and fitted it with the new PSU but had to wait 4 hours for the Windows XP hard drive test utility to finish incase it could cure my issue so I could image the drive.  Once that was done I wired it all up and switched it on and this is when the real fun started as you can see in the video:

So off again to the PC shop to get a new graphics card which is now fitted and cause my original HD is dead the new one has just been installed with a clean install of Windows XP, not quite brave enough to see if everything I use will run on Windows 7 yet.

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