UK MGM Events Overview

I posted this to Facebook in response to someone asking about if FT-8 was popular on VHF, I thought the information might be useful for others so I’ve copied the same message below;

FT-8 is very popular in Region 1 (Europe) on;

  • 50.313 MHz
  • 70.154 MHz
  • 144.174 MHz
  • 432.174 MHz

MGM* (Machine Generated Modes) are so popular in the UK that in 2018 the RSGB Contest Committee ran two 24 hour MGM contest (one in March and the other in December) covering 6m and 2m [e.g. the RSGB 1st MGM Contest]

These events were, and MGM are, so popular that in 2019 the RSGB Contest Committee started a series of monthly MGMAC (Machine Generated Modes Activity Contests)** on 6m and 2m [e.g. the 2m RSGB MGMAC event] which run before the regular (and popular) RSGB CC UKAC (SSB, CW) contests [e.g. the RSGB 144MHz UKAC].

I should point out, in the RSGB contests non-UK stations can also enter. In the 1st & 2nd MGM events (April and December) there are 2 categories for “Non-UK Entrants”, one is ‘Open’ (no station restrictions other than whatever the license conditions allow), and ‘Low Power’ (100w PEP max power and a single antenna).

* While the term MGM would seem to cover just about all digital modes, MGM is normally used to describe the modes supported by WSJT-X and MSHV.
** In the MGMAC events, FT-8 is the main mode used.

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